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My celebrity is really terrific at everything he does!
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And, my celebrity is so Great on and off stage. You will have to check out his Cajun Cookin' too Cher!!

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You have to dance like no one's watching, Love like it's never going to hurt and Live All Your Life, All Your Life Long
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  WHAT IS A CAJUN AND A CAJUN KITCHEN? Cajuns are the descendants of early French settlers in Nova Scotia who were banished from the northeastern territories by the King of England following a religious dispute. Most of them migrated to the swamp lands of South Louisiana where their unique culture and heritage has been preserved for centuries. A Cajun Kitchen is a special place - abundant with the Cajun's "joy of life" and savory tastes - where seafood, meat, fish and fowl are turned into gourmet dishes utilizing authentic Cajun spices and herbs, one of the oldest forms of American cuisine.   WHO IS DOUG KERSHAW? Doug Kershaw is the internationally known Cajun music superstar who is accredited with, almost singlehandedly, carrying Cajun music and heritage to the global public. His million selling original composition "Louisiana Man" first topped the charts in the USA in 1961 and has the distinction of being the first song played live from the moon by the Apollo 12 astronauts in 1969. Doug currently performs over 250 nights per year around the world. His recording of "Cajun Baby" - with his friend Hank Williams, Jr.- reached the top of the Billboard and Cashbox charts as did his duet with Fats Domino on "My Toot Toot." Read Doug's Complete Bio WHY BUILD THE FIRST ONE IN CALIFORNIA? The Oakley-Antioch-Brentwood area meets all of the criteria of a Kershaw's Cajun Kitchen - commuter market in a C county with low to upper mid income; a bedroom, family community. There is a great demand for quality restaurants and entertainment in the area. The lease of the California location provides Kershaw's with a prototype for the franchise at a low to moderate cost. DOES KERSHAW'S FEATURE LIVE ENTERTAINMENT? Yes, in several forms. The decor is entertaining - a cultural authentic Cajun design featuring wood, trees, moss, wildlife and natural swamp-like surroundings - highlighted by a huge, 15 foot long stuffed alligator centerpiece above the stage area. The walls are finished wood and filled with original Louisiana artwork and posters. A small Kershaw's merchandise - a Cajun General Store area - offers Doug Kershaw recordings, merchandise, spices, Cajun cookbooks, and special Cajun food products to the visitors. Live entertainment is often featured on the weekends. Cajun bands, entertainers and comics are presented. Doug Kershaw performs at least twice a year. ISN'T CAJUN FOOD TOO SPICY FOR MOST PEOPLE? No, not at all. While folks often think of Cajun food as being "hot with spice" - authentic Cajun recipes offer the public the true taste of Cajun food - savory sauces over the entree with rice and special seafood dishes galore. Should a visitor desire a little hot spice, Kershaw's will have plenty on every table! Kershaw's is also offering a special "Cajun Kids" menu for the youngsters. IS THERE A COVER CHARGE FOR ENTERTAINMENT? Sometimes there will be a need for a cover charge for certain entertainers and musical groups. On these special occasions, Kershaw's anticipates the cover charge will not exceed $5 per person, a bargain price for quality entertainment at the turn of the century. WHAT DOES A FAMILY OF FOUR SPEND TO DINE AT KERSHAW'S? Depending on beverages consumed, an average cost of dinner at Kershaw's for two adults and two children should range from $4 - $5 per child and from $7- $15 per adult.